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ADI Cloud Storage
Powered by Seagate LYVE

Simplifying video cloud storage
and management 

A Simple and Cost-Effective Hybrid Approach
to Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Storage and Management

ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE uses a hybrid on-premise/cloud model to simplify the process for systems integrators and end-users to embrace off-site cloud storage for video surveillance.

On-premise first cloud storage

ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate® LYVE™ simplifies the process for traditional systems integrators and end-users to embrace off-site cloud storage via a hybrid on-premise/cloud model for video surveillance.

How does the solution work?

ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE is a Windows-based file system filter driver that is preconfigured to send video or data content to the cloud based on any number of policies and or parameters defined within premise-based Windows VMS or directly from edge camera analytics. This eliminates the need for an integrator or end-user to create or manage their own cloud account with our preconfigured solution and partnership with Seagate LYVE Cloud.

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Cloud storage:
on-premise first (OPF) storage model

ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE follows an On-Premise First (OPF) storage model allowing entities to leverage legacy deployed IP surveillance systems with zero hardware replacement while gradually migrating to cloud storage.

Seagate LYVE is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate that is built for the distributed enterprise to capture the unstructured explosion of data. LYVE is a new way to store data — a storage platform without limits.

Leverage Legacy Deployed Hardware

Leverage legacy deployed hardware by using ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE, which allows integrators and end-users to gradually migrate to cloud storage while simultaneously leveraging legacy hardware (without ripping and replacing or installing proprietary on-premise devices) with Tiger Technology. We use Tiger Surveillance Bridge — a Windows file drive that gets uploaded into many Windows-based VMS/NVR platforms — which once configured sends select content directly to Seagate LYVE. ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE is configured locally on the NVR, based on the requirements or needs of the end-user and how they want to migrate to cloud storage.

Our solution supports virtually all Windows-based VMS platforms Including, but not limited to the following: 

System requirements

For Windows-based VMS platforms, ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE is compatible with VMS software that continuously creates and closes individual files for storing camera data. Our recommended storage configuration is one to three days of on-premise local storage/buffering to offset any internet outages, lost connections or any other similar issue.

Usage-based billing management platform

An invaluable aspect of our offering is our backend usage monitoring, billing and management platform. In the case of cloud storage, it’s sold on a per TB or lesser amount, and as such, there must be a mechanism to monitor the usage by account to ensure more data is not being stored than is being purchased.

In addition, many competitors charge ingest (upload) and egress (download) fees associated with the cost of storage, making it difficult to predict your total monthly costs. This is a very cost-prohibitive model for video surveillance, as content is constantly being uploaded and downloaded which with those platforms makes it almost impossible to quote a monthly cost to an end-user.

Why choose ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE?

Gain recurring monthly revenue (RMR) by offering this service to your customers

No proprietary hardware needed

Use your legacy VMS hardware/software

Video is stored and retrieved in its original VMS software/UI

Migrate to cloud storage at a fixed monthly price per TB of storage

Easily scale as storage needs increase over time

You decide what is kept on-site and what goes to the cloud

Preconfigured to be easily installed and deployed

Scalable solution

ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE helps solve ever-increasing storage demands due to camera proliferation, high-resolution video and prolonged retention policies that can break your customer’s budget. With ADI Cloud Storage powered by Seagate LYVE, a small amount of high-performance local storage is all that is needed to store months (or years) of camera data in the cloud. Organizations can quickly and seamlessly integrate cloud storage for disaster recovery and storage extension, and never run out of capacity.

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